There are different aspects for data security, like data confidentiality, availability and integrity. Also, there are many software to help you keep your data security. For example, you can use backup software to keep your files backed up regularly, use data recover software to recover deleted or lost files, use data erasure software to wipe sensitive data permanently, etc.

what is data recovery and data erasure?

To help users understand more information about data security, we will try the best to introduce some of the most important parts here. First, we will provide some details about data recovery and data erasure. What is data recovery and data erasure? In this page, we will show you the information and related solutions for you in detail. Please just read on and get the wanted solutions for your own needs.

Reliable data recovery solution

What’s data recovery? Data recovery is a process of getting back the data that is accidentally lost or deleted. There are many reasons for data loss in our life. Failed backup, human operation errors, hard drive problems, or any other issues.

Normally, if the lost data is not wiped completely or damaged, the deleted or lost data is still on the drive or device. But you cannot access the data directly in file explorer on your computer. With some reliable data recovery software, it will be easy and quick to retrieve the lost data. Professional data recovery software is able to analyze the drive, file system, file records or each sector to dig up the lost files.

Actually, you can easily search and find many data recovery software on internet. Among so many data recovery tools, it’s hard to you to test and find a proper one quickly in urgent. To help you avoid wasting time and money, we will recommend the best data recovery software for you directly. TogetherShare Data Recovery, as the most reliable and effective data recovery tool, it’s highly recommended for you. You can download it to have a try first.

TogetherShare Data Recovery

The software has many impressed features that’s why we choose it for you.

  • First, the software is very simple to use. The interface is understandable and steps are easy. With only a few clicks, users can recover lost data with it. Just choose the drive to scan, then check and recover the lost files directly to another drive. That’s it.
  • Second, it’s very comprehensive. It supports different types of devices, including internal/external hard drive, SSD, USB flash drive, memory card, and so on. The software can also recover lost data from NTFS, FAT32, EXT2/3, ReFS, ExFAT, HFS/HFS+, APFS, and other commonly used file systems on Windows or Mac.
  • Third, it can recover lost data effectively. The software is able to recover lost data in different cases. Any lost files, like photos, videos, documents, audio, and other files could be recovered easily by this software. It can help you get back the lost data even in original folder structures in most data loss cases.

what is data recovery and data erasure?

Erase data and avoid data recovery

What's data erasure? Quite the contrary of data recovery, data erasure is a solution to wipe data completely and avoid data recovery. To avoid data breach, users need to erase data permanently from their devices. Normally, we will have some private or sensitive data on our computers, drives, or other devices. If we don’t want the data be found by others once we abandon, lend, sell, give away the drive/device, it’s sure that we will need to wipe our data and information completely.

Data erasure is a completely way to remove data and avoid data recovery. After a successful data erasure, there should be no any chance to get back the lost data with any data recovery software. So it’s also very important to check the data first before erasing data. If you still need some of the data, please first back up to another drive.

To erase data permanently, we will also recommend a trusted data erasure tool for you - TS DataWiper. This tiny tool is specialized in data wiping. It adopts the most common and professional data wiping algorithms and ensure the data will be wiped permanently. No data recovery method could recover the lost data completely after erasing with this software.

what is data recovery and data erasure?

There will be different cases and we will also need different data wiping methods. You may need to wipe only some files, deleted data, or entire drive in different situations. Don’t worry, you can find these options in this software. Feel free to download the software to help you erase data.

TS DataWiper

The most powerful data erasure software to permanently erase data.


It’s very important to keep our data safe in current days. If you are not careful enough, you can lost your very important data in some cases. The last chance is to recover the lost data with a data recovery tool. Also, in some other case, we will need to wipe some files completely to avoid data leakage. It’s also very important as some others may stolen our bank credit card information, accounts for different websites, confidential working documents, sensitive videos/archives/audio, and so on. Anyway, we need to be careful to keep our data safe or destroy data permanently if necessary.

TS DataWiper

TS DataWiper

Powerful, safe and easy-to-use data erasure software.