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Moo Lee, 2022/04/04

I deleted all images on my MacBook by mistake. Thanks to this software, get them back very simple.

Howard, 2020/10/30

It's really easy and free to recover just a few lost photos from my external drive.

Edward, 2020/03/01

Brilliant!! I recovered more than 100 lost RAW files, which got deleted accidently from the SD card of my camera.

Ana, 2020/02/10

Thank you for helping me recover a ton of work and financial files.

Michael, 2020/01/23

It works amazingly. Recovered all the photos from my corrupted SD card.

Tompson, 2020/01/10

I select the software as it's recommended by my friend and it really works. Thanks!

Jill, 2019/12/19

Keep on the good work. It's really free solution if you don't have too much data to recover.

Mandery, 2019/11/07

It's free to recover some files. I just use the Free version to recover all my lost documents.

Todd, 2019/10/02

Best software! Recovered the lost photos and videos from my SD card of my Canon camera.

Joe, 2019/09/26

I moved some files from an external drive to my Mac and I then deleted them. However, the files were not moved to the Mac successfully. I was panic at that time. Fortunately, this software restored all of the files. Thanks!

Cherry, 2019/09/19

Great job! My son deleted some files from my computer. I immediately download and use this free tool. It recovered my files.

Anthony, 2019/09/17

I love this free tool. It help me many times. Thanks for the best software!

Aveles, 2019/08/25

If you want to recover some files for free, TogetherShare Data Recovery for Mac is suggested. Nice software!

Mavis, 2019/07/30

Best Mac free software that can help me recover lost files for free. I love it!

Andro, 2019/07/14

I lost a iWork document from the desktop, I can get it back with this software in just a few minutes. It's really useful to preview and recover file during the scanning. Keep on the good job!

Mike, 2019/07/12

I use this software too recover my lost files from an external hard drive. It works great. After the deep scan, I just recover my lost files.

Fendy, 2018/10/30

Thanks so so much! Magic, I recover all my photos from a corrupted memory card.

Henry, 2018/8/30

I formatted hard drive with disk utility and lost all my documents. Thanks TogetherShare Mac Recovery, get all the documents back. BTY, it is very easy to use.

Kris Lee, 2018/1/12

TogetherShare Mac Data Recovey Free is the best file recovery app I've used.

Lucy, 2017/8/12

Thanks so much! Your free software saves all my lost documents.

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