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Katania, 2022/04/03

Works great on my new Mac Studio. All my files are found.

Jesse, 2020/10/26

Most of the lost files are recovered. I just get the most important ones. Good job!

Denise, 2020/02/26

I thought I have to pay more money to recover my files but it turns out this cost-effective software works. Thank you guys!

Mickey, 2020/02/09

Helped us recover tons of pictures for family moments that were lost due to a corrupted card! Most of the files recovered! Good job!

Eko, 2020/01/22

Wonderful application to recover deleted files. I found most of several years worth of pictures. Thank you again.

Fredy, 2020/01/10

I just wanted to have a try. However, it successfully recovered all my lost files.

Jason, 2019/12/24

I appreciate the great data recovery software. It has helped me some times.

Martin, 2019/12/13

No words can fully express my gratitude. The software saved my job and life. All my work documents were recovered by the software. Thanks!!!!!

Stefen, 2019/11/01

All the lost data on my erased hard drive is retrieved with ease. I will recommend this great software to my friends.

Sebastian, 2019/10/11

What impressed me most was the fast scan speed. It took only about half an hour to find the lost files. Of course, it recovered the files then. Good!

Howard, 2019/10/02

I cannot thank your more! It helped my recover all the photos and videos of my baby. It have not backup for these files, it would lost all the precious files if I failed to recover them. However, this super tool helped me. Once again, thanks for your guys and the perfect software.

Landry, 2019/09/27

I strongly recommend this Mac data recovery software for everyone. It can help me recover the lost files easily and fast.

Al, 2019/08/20

It’s very easy to use this software to recover the lost data on my Mac drive. It just saved my work.

Karama, 2019/08/18

My external drive cannot be accessed suddenlly, but this software help me extract all the files from the drive.

Singh, 2019/07/28

My macOS crashed some days before. I use this software to restore the very important documetns successfully. Good Job!

Chris, 2019/07/12

Great data recovery software. Very useful.

Selina, 2018/11/10

Great software. It can recover all deleted data.

Hostin, 2018/11/2

Powerful data recovery software. Works good.

Pertens, 2018/10/15

Very easy-to-use, best for common users.

Daris, 2018/9/11

We have formatted a hard drive. Thanks to TogetherShare Data Recovery for Mac Enterprise, quickly restore all lost data from the formatted hard drive.

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