User Reviews 

Jake, 2022/04/01

great data erasure tool, simple to use and effective.

Marks, 2020/11/03

Very safe and complete to erase data.

Taal, 2020/03/01

I'm impressed by the simple software. It wiped the files and drive quickly and completely.

Andrew, 2020/02/22

I purchased the tool to wipe my drives. It works very well and helps me a lot.

Peter Lee, 2020/02/03

The free trial versions shred my files, so I upgrade to the full version. Very easy to use tool to erase data.

Kevin, 2020/01/31

I like the erase hard drive, very quickly format and wipe my old external hard drive.

Henry Latin, 2020/01/20

Thanks so much! I have tried many file eraser, this one is the best one.

Kristina, 2020/01/14

What a useful program! Download and use it to erase my USB flash drive, test with data recovery software, no data found.

Seri, 2020/01/02

I will sell my Notebook, thanks TS DataWiper, all data is gone forver, secure my mind.

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