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Andy Chen, 2022/03/31

I deleted a hard drive partition on Windows 11 PC, thanks TS data recovery, rescued all my documents.

Viga, 2020/10/18

Thanks! It's effective and promissed. Most of the wanted files were recovered.

Suzanne, 2020/02/27

I paid the program and found all of the missing files. It worths the money!

Celine, 2020/02/19

It helped me recover lost data successfully from my 3 crashed drives. I will definitely recommend it to all my friends.

Vior, 2020/01/23

Amazing!!!All the recovered videos can be played normally. I like it very much.

Jackson, 2020/01/09

If you need a professional data recovery software, this software is hightly suggested.

Pierr, 2019/12/11

It's very nice to get back lost photos. The software really helps me a lot.

Carl, 2019/11/21

This is the best software I have tried. It recovered all my lost data from my external drive without any problems.

Colin, 2019/10/13

It works like a charm. It salvage all the lost data from my formatted external drive. I will recommend it to our our friends and other people who need to recover data.

Samuel, 2019/10/01

You are the best! Nearly 99% of the lost files were found. All the important files are recovered successfully.

Lima, 2019/09/24

Only this software retrieve my lost files. It saved my life! I like this software very much.

Matusalem, 2019/09/08

I formatted my XQD card in my Nikon camera accidentally. The software helped me recover all my photos and photos. Great software, greate support.

Yousefi, 2019/08/12

I’m a data recovery technician, with this tool I successfully helped many of our clients. Really a professional and effective data recovery software.

Navdeep, 2019/07/28

It helped me to recover all the data from the “dead” drive with all the files with original folder structures. It’s amazing!

Henry, 2019/07/10

When data recovery from unlimited PCs, this is a good choice.

DELL, 2018/11/10

Easy to use and power data recovery software.

Luris, 2018/7/12

We have used this software for 1 year, works great.

BOB, 2018/2/13

The interface is great easy to understand.

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